Rock bottom for Eagles fans

I believe this is what they call rock bottom, Eagles fans.

Andy Reid’s boys lost their sixth straight yesterday, and couldn’t possibly have looked any worse in the process.

But just when you think that, it gets a whole lot worse.

With the Eagles down 31-6 and a minute, thirty seconds left in the game, for some reason LeSean McCoy is still in the game and then - THEN when we’ve been crying for Andy Reid to run the ball with McCoy all season - that’s when the coach decides to run it.

Eagles radio color man Mike Quick actually commented on the play that he’s not sure how much longer he’d have McCoy out there in this lost cause. McCoy gets crushed in a helmet-to-helmet tackle, and is out cold on the D.C. turf. He suffered a concussion on the play.

After the game, Reid is asked why McCoy was still on the field. He tries to brush it off with his usual arrogance, ‘we’re trying to come back and win the game.’ This is with a minute and change left in the game. When pressed on the issue, Reid repeats his assertion. And asked if he now regretted the decision, he offers a terse, ‘no.’

There’s a part of me who is on Reid’s side on this one. Players get paid millions of dollars to play. But the standard coaching philosophy is to get your key guys off the field when you’re getting blown out.

I don’t know what Reid was thinking when he blew off the reporter’s question if he now regretted it. It sounds like he doesn’t care.

Which would give him something in common with a lot of Eagles fans this morning. We don’t really care anymore.

Not about this team. Not these players. Not these coaches. Not this ownership.

There undoubtedly will be calls for Reid to step down today.

I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Jeff Lurie has not been seen - or heard from - since offering his famous “8-8 will not be good enough this year” edict.

The Eagles are now 3-7. Here’s a scary thought. The Birds won those three games by about five points, and two of them with dramatic last-minute rallies.

Do you know how close this team is to 0-10?

Yes, it’s that bad.

Next week the Eagles will host the Carolina Panthers at the Linc on Monday Night Football.

How ugly do you think that’s going to be if Reid is still the coach?