A new era for Eagles deserves Kelly green

Dear Jeff Lurie:

Congratulations. You got your man.

And to you, Howie Roseman:

Kudos to you as well. It’s apparent that your behind-the-scenes work paid off in reeling in Oregon’s phenomenally successful coach Chip Kelly to replace Andy Reid.

You must have been grinning like the proverbial cheshire cat Monday morning as the Internet and talk radio exploded with outrage when it was learned that Seattle defensive coordinator was leaving town without a deal.

Stood up at the altar? Hardly. Nobody knew that you had already eloped. To Oregon of all places.

There are still some questions for Kelly, Lurie, Roseman and the Eagles.

Some of those might be answered at today’s 1:30 press conference a the Nova Care Center when Kelly will be formally introduced.

Most surround whether or not Kelly’s frenetic hurry-up offense can work in the NFL? Who will be his defensive coordinator since most of Kelly’s attention has been on the offensive end of things? Who will be his quarterback? Can Nick Foles exist in this offense? Does this mean new life for Michael Vick, since his skill set, while not what they were a few years ago, clearly seem more suitable to Kelly’s game?

All of that is to come.

There is only one other thing we would like to hear Lurie say today.

Jeff, take a glance at today’s front page.

Think Kelly Green. It’s a natural.

You’re starting a new era after 14 years of Andy Reid’s ‘Time’s yours,’ and having to do a better job, which ne never seemed to do.

If you’re looking for a fresh start, why not bring back the Birds’ classic Kelly green uniforms.

It’s a natural. And besides, think of all the revenue from the sale of new shirts, hats, and (since that is Kelly’s preferred head wear) visors.

Welcome to Philly, Mr. Kelly.

Congratulations to you, Jeff and Howie.

Oh, by the way, there’s one other small thing you have to do, now that you have your coach.



Anonymous said…
That's right! Proof is in the pudding! You have to show me what you can do with that team Chip Kelly. Win!