Happy Catholic Schools Week!

Did you know that it is Catholic Schools Week?

As a product of Catholic schools, I can attest to the good and the bad.

Most of what you’ve heard about the nuns is true. Hey, it was another time. Kids - and parents - didn’t question what happened in school. The nuns’ authority was absolute, exceeded only by the parish priest.

They ran their schools with an iron fist - and in many instances a gold ruler.

I still wouldn’t trade those eight years for anything.

So I will join those who this week salute Catholic Schools. I don’t think I’d be doing what I do without them.

These are tough times for Catholic schools, especially here in the eastern part of Delaware County. The problems have been well-documented. Families are smaller; enrollment is down. Many families have joined the migration of those heading west, both here and in Chester and Montgomery counties, where it’s boom times for many Catholic schools.

But here in eastern Delco, it’s a struggle. A lot of archdiocesan elementary schools have closed or merged. We cam perilously close last year to seeing the end of the line for Monsignor Bonner-Archbishop Prendergast High School.

The kids at St. Bernadette’s in Drexel Hill created a video to honor their school and what it means to them.

Happy Catholic Schools Week: