He's having a worse start to the New Year than you are

Think you’re having a bad start to the New Year? It could be worse. You could be John Boehner.

Fresh off averting a disaster by keeping the country from careening over the fiscal cliff, House Speaker Boehner managed to outrage even those in his own party by declining to bring up a package including billions in relief for New Jersey and New York shore communities battered by Superstorm Sandy for a vote.

You can read all the details here.

Forget Democrats. This heat was being heaped on the Speaker of the House by those in his own party.

Leading the charge was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who ripped Boehner and the House’s inaction as “shameful.’

Today Boehner faces a vote by the newly installed House to determine if he keeps his Speaker post.

No doubt he’ll be moved to tears at some point in the day. Things can only get better for the guy from here.



Anonymous said…
His lack of leadership is coming back to bite him.