Friday, January 4, 2013

Scratch Bill O'Brien off your list, Eagles fans

Scratch my guy from the Eagles coaching sweepstakes.

I wanted Bill O’Brien, the miracle man who rallied the embattled Penn State program to an improbable 8-2 mark this year, rising from the rubble of the Jerry Sandusky fallout.

But late last night O’Brien, who had been interviewed by Jeff Lurie and the Eagles brass, said he would be staying at Happy Valley.

Also last night, another contender for the job was in action. That would be Chip Kelly, the offensive wizard whose Oregon Ducks ran past Kansas State, 35-17, in the Fiesta Bowl. I think Kelly winds up in Cleveland with Joe Banner.

Look for Lurie et al to go to great lengths to downplay their interest in Kelly after he spurns them for Cleveland. They’ll say they got the guy they wanted all along.

And who might that guy be? I’m putting my money on Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. He’s set to interview for the Birds’ position this weekend. I think he’ll be a good choice. He wasn’t my first choice, which I think will give me something in common with Lurie.

I can’t wait to see Lurie squirm when his pal - and now bitter rival Joe Banner - walks away with the top prize in the coaching carousel derby. Remember how Lurie dumped all over Banner’s legacy and in particular his draft work at the press conference where he dismissed Andy Reid and gave GM Howie Roseman a vote of confdence?

Don’t think for a minute that Banner’s ears weren’t stinging. He gets his revenge by getting Kelly’s signature on a deal to head the Browns.

As for Andy Reid, he now appears ready to take the head coaching job in Kansas City. It didn't take long for people to start knocking Reid's time in Philly. Surprisingly, some of it is coming from his former players.

Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter said yesterday on Mike Missanelli's The Fan 97.5 FM Eagles roundtable show that Reid got outcoached in a lot of big games. Trotter said that if the Eagles and their opponent were equal in talent, the feeling among players was that they'd lose because Reid would get outcoached.



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