Super Bowl party alert

Everybody likes a big-screen TV for their Super Bowl party, but Matthew Colleluori probably went a little bit overboard.

Police in Marple have fingered Colleluori for a heist involving big-screen TVs from the Wal-Mart store in the Marple Crossroads Shopping Center. But Colleluori didn’t just put the arm on one, according to authorities. He’s now charged with trying to rip off four big TVs. And he was apparently looking for a fifth when he was confronted by store security.

Colleluori was a busy guy yesterday. According to police, he pulled off a heist in the morning, putting a big-screen TV in his shopping cart, heading for the check-out, then picking it up and running for the exit. They say he went back to the store yesterday afternoon to pull the same stunt.

This time he was confronted by store security. He fled, but police got his tag number. A Springfield officer chased the car before giving up when they say Colleluori started driving erratically.

You can read the entire story here.

There’s no indication that he picked up any chips or dip in any of the heists.