Wing & a prayer? Calling fowl on shortage

Forget the snow, it’s not going to be that big of a deal. One to three inches tops. The afternoon commute might be a little dicey, but that’s only because people completely panic at the first sign of a few flakes.

We have a real crisis on our hands this morning.

Just a week before Philly’s Wing Ding of all parties, otherwise known as Wing Bowl, followed by one of the biggest party days of the year with the Super Bowl, there may be something missing from the menu.

No, not beer. Relax, guys. We said crisis, not the apocalypse.

There is apparently a shortage of chicken wings.

Sounds fowl to us.

Some local joints have been stocking up on the edible delights, but customers may have to pay for their favorite party food. It’s supply and demand, fewer wings means shelling out more bucks. This is all tied into a general shortage of chickens being produced, in part because of the high cost of feed from last summer’s drought.

You can catch all the details here.

Better fire up the chili just in case.