Another volley in the Sandusky war

There are a lot of people who would like nothing more than to somehow ensure the name Jerry Sandusky never be uttered again, and that Penn State be allowed to move on in the wake of the scandal that has cloaked Happy Valley for more than a year.

Not going to happen.

Another volley in the battle over the fallout from the Sandusky affair was fired yesterday. And this time it came from the family of legendary Nittany Lions football coach Joe Paterno.

On Sunday they issued their own report in response to the one prepared for the school by former FBI boss Louis Freeh, which concluded that top Penn State officials, including Paterno, basically looked the other way while Sandusky went about his dirty business.

The Paterno family is not buying it.

Their report, prepared by former Gov. Dick Thornburgh, says the Freeh report is filled with inaccuracies and assumptions.

You can read the full story here.

Add this to the lawsuit filed by Gov. Tom Corbett against the NCAA in connection to the onerous sanctions slapped on Penn State, as well as new Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s move to investigate how the Sandusky investigation was handled by Corbett back when he was sitting in his chair, and one thing becomes abundantly clear.

Jerry Sandusky may be out of sight, almost certainly spending the rest of his days in prison.

But he is far from being out of mind. And likely will not be for some time.