Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Did we make too much of 'Silver Linings' & the Oscars?

Here’s a confession and recap on the Academy Awards:

First and foremost, there are some people who questioned the amount of space and coverage we gave to ‘Silver Linings Playbook.’ To them, I say, ‘Get Over It.’ A movie that was filmed largely right here in Delaware County is nominated for Best Picture and seven other Oscars, including nominations in all the major acting categories. I’m not sure how you define it, but in my book that is big news. And yes, it probably is a bit parochial for us to lavish such attention on a movie. A couple people have sniffed that other locales, such as New York, would never react that way.

No kidding.

I don’t live in New York. And I don’t edit the New York Times. I'm sure the readers of the Times are forever grateful for that. I edit the Delaware County Daily Times, which formed the backdrop of the movie, even if it was passed off as being in Philly. We knew better. We immediately recognized those neighborhoods. We knew that was Archbishop Prendergast Monsignor Bonner High School. And, of course, we knew that was the legendary Llanerch Diner.

We covered the movie while it was being filmed here, we gave it a big spread when the flick opened, and then we were right back with two more days of coverage last weekend to tie into the Oscars and the local parties - including one at the Llanerc - to mark the occasion.

Now here’s my confession: I didn’t like the movie all that much. I thought it was good, not great. Enjoyable, but not exactly worthy of Best Picture. From everything I’ve heard and read, me and Big Daddy Graham are the only people who feel that way.

I have heard some people say ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ is the best movie ever set in Philadelphia (or Delaware County for that matter). Excuse me? I seem to remember a little movie about a down-on-his-luck Philly club fighter a few years ago. ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ should not be mentioned in the same sentence as ‘Rocky.’ At least that’s one man’s (a lowly editor, not a film critic) opinion.

Finally, there is the Oscar telecast himself. Was I the only one screaming at the TV during that endless opening skit to get on with it and give out the damn awards? Of course, I have a deadline to meet every night, one that we missed badly Sunday night. But how silly would we have looked had Jennifer Lawrence snagged that statue, taken her little spill on the steps up to accept her award, and no mention of it made in the newspaper where the movie was filmed. Here’s another confession. While I wasn’t especially enamored with the movie, I was even more put off by Jennifer Lawrence’s character. I just didn’t think she was particularly likeable.

As far as the rest of the show goes, I have come to this conclusion. This is all about the women - and their gowns. The Red Carpet has now become some of the Super Bowl of fashion, as the ladies stop, preen and are then questioned about who they are wearing. Men? Sorry, guys. We’re just an afterthought in this. Second fiddles. No one asks whose tux you’re wearing.

On the other hand, each woman is judged, along with her attire.

Which leads me to this conclusion, which comes courtesy of my wife.

If there is a better looking woman on the planet than Halle Berry, I have yet to set eyes upon her. My wife does not usually talk about other women. But she is in awe of Berry, who seemingly would look regal if she was wearing Bradley Cooper’s infamous trash bag get-up from ‘Silver Linings.’

So there you have it.

Delco should take pride in its role in ‘Silver Linings Playbook.’ Its daily newspaper certainly did. And it will apologize to no one for doing exactly that.



Blogger Flowers said...

I completely agree with the esteemed editor, except perhaps with the assessment of SLP not being a 'great' movie. Having spent 43 of my 51 years on this earth living a block from the legendary Llanerch, I have neither delusions nor a jaded sense of the value of Delaware County. It is in many ways the archetypal American home town, and in others, an extension of the fifth largest city in the US. I love being from "the County" and when I lived abroad in France and Italy I made sure to let them know where I was from. It became easy to fall back and say "I'm from Philly" and remind them of "Rocky" which helped. But now, I can say, on my next foreign travel (even if it's to Idaho...a very foreign destination for this East Coast girl) I'm from Delco...remember Silver Linings Playbook? The Delco Times was right to cover this so well...bravo!

February 26, 2013 at 9:56 AM 

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