How the Daily Times wound up in the front window of The Newseum

I got a little extra bonus out of our coverage leading up to last night’s Academy Awards.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of Oscar buzz around Delaware County this year because ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ which was nominated for eight Academy Awards, was largely filmed right here in Delaware County.

Several neighborhoods and homes in Upper Darby, Ridley Park and Ridley Township were clearly recognizable in the flick. One scene had Bradley Cooper confronting one of his former fellow teachers outside Archbishop Prendergast-Monsignor Bonner High School.

And of course the biggie - the capper was the  “date” scene between Bradley and Jennifer Lawrence at the legendary Llanerch Diner.

They threw a party at the Llanerch last night. Some of the local families whose homes were used also gathered at Cawley’s Irish Pub in Drexel Hill. You can read all about them here.

As it turns out, the only Oscar the flick captured was when Lawrence walked off with Best Actress, even if she did slip on her way up the steps to the podium.

But I actually got another thrill earlier in the day.

Call this one one of the perks of having great kids.

My daughter now works as a lawyer in Washington, D.C. Every day on her way to work, she walks past the Newseum, the newspaper shrine and museum. In their front window each day they display front pages from newspapers from all across the country.

My daughter had to go into the office Sunday to catch up on some work. As she walked past the Newseum, a familiar masthead caught her eye.

Yep, there was the Sunday edition of the Daily Times, replete with the pictures of Cooper, Lawrence and the now-world famous Llanerch Diner, along with the hedline, “Can Delco Snag an Oscar?”

My daughter snapped several pictures, then fired them off in a text to her dad.

As it turns out, her mother and I were doing what we do on most Sundays. We were in the grocery store. I couldn’t figure out who might be calling me on my personal cell phone. It almost never rings. I get most of my calls on my work cell.

As soon as I saw the number I knew it was Rachel. I wondered what was up, since she almost always calls her mom, not dear old dad.

She wanted to let me know about our little accomplishment in Washington, D.C.

I went to my message and checked out the pictures.

There was the Daily Times, screaming from the front window of the Newseum for all of Washington to see. I've included one of the pix.

I can only surmise that they picked our Sunday edition because it was Oscar Sunday and we focused on the Academy Awards, and we were all over the “Silver Linings Playbook.”

I kind of consider it our very own Academy Award.

I don’t know who selected that front page, but I want to let them know they made one editor’s day.

The news has been a bit rough around here the past week or so. Times - and the Daily Times - have been a bit tenuous. The business is changing. Don't worry, we'll deal with it.

But I still take a huge amount of pride in what we create around here every day.

Nice to see the Newseum agrees.

Thanks for making your dad's day, Rae!