A growing rogue's gallery of parents

The rogue's gallery of local parents just keeps adding new members.

Here in Delaware County we've had two incidents of parents egging their offspring on to engage in fighting. First there was the Clifton Heights mom who took her 12-year-old daughter to a local schoolyard to confront a girl mom claims had been bullying her daughter.

Of course the entire sorry affair, with mom orchestrating the whole thing and making sure no other girls (yes, there was quite a crowd gathered to witness this tawdry affair) got involved, was captured on videotape. She vowed to take matters into her own hands if anyone interfered. So instead they all watched as mom first encouraged her daughter to duke it out, then kept egging the girls on, even after it became clear they were no longer interested in fighting and even looked to settle their dispute at one point.

Mom now faces charges. And of course the video went viral.

A dad in Chester Township also is in trouble with the law, after he did much the same thing with his daughter, again pushing her to come to blows with another girl, and once again with the incident videotaped for posterity.

And who could forget the mom who got involved in an altercation with a store employee in Upper Darby. This was not her first time down this road. She had been banned from the store because of a previous incident.

When a store employee confronted her, she whipped out a can of pepper spray and tried to use it to fend off the worker. A struggle ensued, and the pepper spray wound up on the floor. As the worker held mom at bay, she ordered her daughter to pick up the pepper spray and use it on the worker.

There's no end to this nonsense.

In Philly, SEPTA officials are now telling of the young mom and grandmother who concocted a scheme to use a day pass to pay for their two fares. The teen mom went through the turnstile at 60th Street Station, then handed the pass back to grandma, who was apparently going to use it at 56th Street Station.

They only forgot one thing in this little caper.

The 15-year-old's baby, which was left in a stroller at the 56th Street Station. Each apparently thought the baby was with the other. When grandmom got on at 60th Street Station, they realized what had happened and were frantic. The baby was safe, having been discovered by a SEPTA cashier.

They say it takes a village to raise our children.

Especially with parents like these.