About the first lady's bangs

I have a confession to make: I'm not a big fan of Michelle Obama's bangs.

The heck with the sequester, right? This is about the really important things in Washington, like the first lady's hairstyle.

Let's face it. This is not the first lady we've become accustomed to, offering tours of the White House or showing off the latest designer duds.

Michelle Obama admitted when she switched her hairstyle a few weeks back that it was her idea of a "mid-life crisis." She was joking when she said it, but I know how she feels.

Here's another surprise: I wasn't thrilled about her cameo at the Academy Awards either, being piped in to announce the winner of the Best Picture. We said as much on our editorial page. I don't think it's a big deal, but we noted it for the record.

The first lady says she's not surprised by the reaction, and she said so on the record in an interview. Good for her.

The bangs? I just don't like them. That's just my personal preference and I don't think it means all that much, except for those who insist we never take issue with the Obama White House, as opposed to, say, Bob Woodward.

So there are two things I'll go on record as being opposed to with the White House. Then again, I absolutely loved FLOTUS' appearance doing some 'mom dancing' with a Jimmy Fallon in drag. The lady has moves.

And be honest. Tell me another first lady who would have dared to do something like that? Anyone? Thought so.