Don't forget we're tackling the bullying issue tonight on 'Live From the Newsroom'

Don't forget 'Live From the Newsroom' will be tackling the critical issue of bullying in local schools tonight.

Joining us will be:

Dan Tracy, principal at E.T. Richardson Middle School Springfield

Linda Ardao, former Springfield High School teacher for 35 years, co-founder of Main Line Youth Alliance and an educational consultant.

Christine Belton, Springfield High School art teacher

Matt Owens, ’97 Springfield High grad, Springfield School District electrician

Dr. Claudio Cerullo, from Teach Anti-Bullying Inc.

As recent incidents here in Delaware County point out, bullying is becoming an increasingly critical issue in our schools and among young people. We're going to devote our 'Live From the Newsroom' live-stream Internet show Wednesday night to talk about this issue, the people involved in trying to deal with it, and give you a chance for you to find out how you can get involved.

The show also will advance two community events this week targeting the issue.

 Springfield High School is holding an evening of information and discussion on bullying issues on Thursday night. They also will be showing the award-winning documentary film, "Bully."

Their event will take place 7 p.m. Thursday in the auditorium of Springfield High School, 49 W. Leamy Ave. After the 90-minute film a public discussion will be held.

  Dr. Cerullo is president and founder of Teach Anti-Bullying Inc. He is presenting a forum, "Bullying, the Silent Threat," on Sunday March 24 at the Ridley Area YMCA, 900 South Ave. in Secane. Doors open at 6:30. The program will run 7-9 p.m. It's free.

We'll talk about both events, and just how widespread this issue is both here in Delaware County and elsewhere, along with some possible solutions.

Do you have questions about bullying you'd like the panel to address? Email them to me at and I will put them to our panel.

Then tune in to Wednesday night at 7 and take part in our live chat.

Let's all come together to stop bullying.