Eye on the sky; winter's not over yet

Two weeks from this coming Wednesday. 16 days. That’s how much longer I have to stomach winter.

It’s for that reason, along with my friends in the TV business, that I get the feeling this is going to be a long week.

While many parts of the nation have taken turns being paralyzed by winter storms, we have not yet had anything that would remotely resemble a big snowfall. And time is running out.

Naturally, Mother Nature will look to rectify that.

Get ready to hear warnings about a possible storm arriving Wednesday and lasting into Thursday.

So far I’ve heard everything from it bringing heavy snow, to it missing us altogether and the region just getting another rain storm. (Remember, it can be ‘treacherous’ out there driving in rain, as if we’ve never done that before.

My guess is that we are about to be bombarded by ‘storm alerts,’ ‘warnings’ and other news of imminent disaster.

I will try to avoid all of them.

Remember, spring is just 16 days away.

It can’t get here fast enough.