Freindly Fire weighs in on Sam Schmucker

For those of you who may have fretted that we would be bereft of strong opinions here at the Daily Times, I have this message:

Meet Chris Freind.

Chris is our new featured columnist on Wednesday. Today he decided to chime in on the debate the Penn-Delco School District is having over whether to expel senior Sam Schmucker. Chris believes that is exactly what they should do, and not bend to those who believe Schmucker, who appears otherwise to be a solid student, should be given another chance. Those would include the editorial page of this newspaper. Yesterday we took the position that Schmucker should not be expelled for an altercation in which he got physical with the director of the school play, 'Annie.'

That episode cost him his role as Daddy Warbucks in the show. He's also been on suspension ever since.

We were wrong, according to Freind.

That's why he's going to make a great columnist, and a great addition to the Daily Times and

By the way, the school board is expected to make their ruling tonight. We'll be there for the full story.