Late date for Elite Eight for La Salle

We interrupt the unmitigated nirvana surrounding the La Salle Explorers for this one small downer when it comes to the Explorers.

No, I am not going to try to take credit for the 'Southwest Philly Floater,' the driving layup from Tyrone Garland that sealed the deal as La Salle upset Mississippi to advance to the Sweet 16.

But I will admit this one is personal. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I have been an Explorers fan since my oldest brother became an alum back in the '60s.

Instead, as just about everything does these days, this little nugget has to do with my job.

Anyone notice the start time for La Salle's Thursday night clash in Los Angeles with Wichita State for a spot in the Elite Eight?

Uh, that would be 7:17 p.m.

In L.A.

That means 10:17 p.m. here on the East Coast. You read it right. The La Salle game will not start until after 10 o'clock. And that is if the first game does not run long.

The result? Don't look for full-court coverage in the Friday paper. The game will end too late for that. Hopefully, we'll be able to get something on a late page for a replate. Of course, you can go to for our normal full coverage.

And yes, I know that drives some readers crazy. Nothing ticks off our longtime, loyal print customers more than telling them something is available online that we are not offering in print. Hey, don't blame me. Stick this one on the poobahs at the NCAA who set the games times, and of course decided to put La Salle in the West Region, and thus in Los Angeles Thursday night. You'd think at least they would have made them the first game. Nope, that goes to Ohio State vs. Arizona.

By the way, don't bet against the Explorers.  I think they can take Wichita State.

La Salle in the Elite Eight? Gotta love that. Go Explorers!