Mother - and the mayor - knows best

Got an email bright and early Saturday morning from Upper Darby Mayor Tom Micozzie. He was objecting to a 'Dart' on Saturday's editorial page that wondered what was going on with moms in Upper Darby.

It specifically referenced a mom who had been charged with urging her daughter to pick up a can of pepper spray and use it after mom had gotten involved in an altercation with a store employee.

It came about a week after another woman was charged with inciting her daughter to fight another girl on the playground at Primos Elementary School.

The mayor has a point. The item took an unnecessarily broad brush in taking a swipe at Upper Darby moms. And in truth the playground brawling mom was from neighboring Clifton Heights, not Upper Darby.

The point of the item was to admonish these particular moms. I never intended for the item to pain all moms with that accusation.

Probably should have made that clear.

Point taken, mayor.