The Daily Numbers: 8 months spend in jail for a Chester man who was wrongly accused in a city murder.

6 inches difference in height between Tahmir Craig and the suspect in the suveillance video. Craig is 5 feet, 5 and a half inches; the suspect is 5 feet, 11 and a half inches.

6-3 vote by the Penn-Delco School Board to expel the vice president of the senior class, who was involved in a confrontation with the director of the school play.

6 story, 125-room hotel planned for Tinicum in the area of the airport.

7, age of child an Upper Darby woman is accused of using to help her in an attack on 2 store employees.

2 squatters who now face rape charges after a strip party they were having with 2 teens got out of control, according to police.

41, where Delco ranks in terms of the healthiest counties in Pa. Chester County next door is No. 1; Philadelphia is dead last at 67.

1,300 Roman Catholic nuns who signed a letter sent to Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett asking him to reverse his decision not to take federal Medicaid expansion funds available through the health care reform act.

108-91 vote in the Pa. House to nix a Democratic amendment on the plan to privatize alcohol sales. The full House is expected to vote on the plan today.

85 billion dollars in cuts OK'd by the U.S. Senate, averting a government shutdown.

30 million dollars OK'd by N.J. Gov. Chris Christie to push an ad campaign to lure people back to the Jersey shore after Hurricane Sandy.

1939, when the NCAA men's hoops tournament got its start, right here in the Palestra in Philly.

80-71 win for La Salle in their first appearance in The Dance since 1992. 1990, last time the Explorers actually won a game in the tourney.

3 Philly teams in action on Friday, as Villanova and Temple will join the Explorers.

101-72 blowout loss for the Sixers to the L.A. Clippers

24 straight wins for the Miami Heat after they came from 27 down to beat the Cavs in Cleveland last night.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Let's go, Explorers. That's a huge win for La Salle last night. It says here they just might have the best shot at advancing on Friday.

I Don’t Get It: The Penn-Delco School Board has ruled. It's time for Sam Schmucker, his family and friends to move on. OF course they instead of course will move into court. Naturally.

Today’s Upper: Kudos toTahmir Craig. He's the Chester man who was freed after spending 8 months in prison for a murder he did not commit. And he was extremely gracious when he got out. Good for him.

Quote Box: “I apologized for the error that occurred."

- Delco D.A. Jack Whelan, at press conference to announce charges were being withdrawn against Craig.