Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The roads are slippery? Where?

I give up.

I just heard the local TV traffic reporter tell us that the roads are slippery out there. Really? Where? Allentown? The Poconos?

Maybe. But not here. Not in Philly or the immediate suburbs. The roads are wet. If you want to consider that slippery, I guess we'll just disagree. I drove in early this morning and I did not hit one slippery spot. That's opposed to lots of wet spots.

A TV reporter checking in from the Allentown area reminded us this morning that there is plenty of snow up there. Then he pointed to a small pile of snow that obviously had accumulated from a plow placing it in that spot.


One more day until spring. My guess is we'll get a few more of these messy wintry mixes. They are a nuisance. Other than that, they don't amount to much, unless you are seeking ratings. Then, I guess, we're all going down a slippery slope.

The temperatures are expected to rise into the 50s later today. My guess is the roads will dry out. Film at 11!


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