The tragedy of Bailey O'Neill

The tragedy surrounding Bailey O’Neill took another cruel turn over the weekend.
The family of the Darby Township Elementary School student made the gut-wrenching decision to unhook him from the life-support mechanisms that were keeping him alive.
Bailey died on Sunday. Saturday was his 12th birthday.
That much is known. What remains tragically unclear is what was happening before and after an altercation that occurred on the school playground on Jan. 10. That’s when Bailey was involved in some type of altercation in which apparently he was punched and fell to the playground.
Two weeks later he was hospitalized and wound up in a medically induced coma.
His family has been vocal in believing that Bailey was being bullied and the playground altercation was just the final incident in a pattern.
Darby Township police and the county District Attorney’s office say they are investigating the matter but as of yet have stopped short of terms in the incident a case of “bullying.”
No charges have been filed in the case.
What we do know is this: A vibrant 12-year-old is gone. Nothing will change that tragic fact.
We will continue to follow the case, including the investigation to determine what caused Bailey’s injury.
In the meantime, we grieve for a 12-year-old gone way too soon.



Anonymous said…
bullying has to stop, this happened over a month ago they know what happened..
Anonymous said…
This is ridiculous that this went on in a school that has happened in that school before . Now this innocent boy has passed and his family is going thru the worst thing that could happened to them.My prayers to them.