Monday, March 25, 2013

Weather or not, spring is on hold, but there is joy in TV land

Just shoot me now.

Spring isn't coming this year. Blame Punxsutawney, if you want. I figure he's as much to clame as anyone else.

Me? I think you know who I'm blaming.

It dawned on me that the world is going to hell in a handbasket last night when I happened to catch the start of the evening network news at 6:30. I almost spit my teeth out.

Yes, the snow was the BIG story. We're not talking the usual blathering heads on local news. This was the network. A reporter was standing next to an interstate out in Kansas City. The middle of the country is getting pelted with what seems like the millionth storm they've suffered in this endless winter.

But what struck me as she gave her report was the road she was standing next to. It was wet. Traffic was whizzing by without so much as a single glitch.

Of course the joy is unbridled on local TV this morning. After several early reports where reporters actually wished for snow, some now has finally arrived.

Or as one TV reporter just informed me, it's an UGLY morning out there. Really, how exactly is that? Another just gave me an update. I stand corrected. The roads are not just wet. They're "super wet." Thanks for that little nugget, folks.

Again, the roads are wet. Snow is likely going to accumulate on some grassy surfaces. Or, as I was just breathlessly informed, it's also on your car. so might have to brush it off. I'm not making this up. I just heard it.

I don't doubt we're going to get some snow today. Even here in Delaware County, as opposed to, say, southern Delaware or the Poconos. Hey, you go where you need to go to gets some video of snow falling. Sounds like we're going to get 1-3 inches around here.

The roads will still be just wet. But I'm sure we'll be reminded a 1,000 times today how 'treacherous' things are out there. And be warned of 'slick' spots.

It's Holy Week. I shouldn't curse. I'm not supposed to be cursing for Lent.

I guess you could say I'm under the weather. It's been that kind of winter. And spring.

Damn you, Punxsutawney.


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