We're on the storm watch

Turn off the TV. Don’t go near the radio. Don’t go online.

I’m tempted to say: “Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.”

But this isn’t monopoly. This is something far more serious. This is snow.

Let’s get this straight. Something is going to happen late tonight and into the day on Wednesday. That’s the problem. No one is quite sure what “something” actually means. The best guess is that it is going to start as rain overnight and then likely change over to snow at some point during the day tomorrow.

We’re going to get some snow, but it seems like for the most part this is just going to be a slushy mess. That's because snow in March is not the same as snow in February and January. It's warmer, and there's more sunlight. Still, it looks like we're in line to get several inches of snow.

None of that stopped at least one local forecast gracing my TV this morning to warn that we are going to get “a lot of snow.” Of course she quickly tempered that with the notion that no one seems to know where the heavy snow is going to hit.

So why not just scare the hell out of us instead.

Another forecaster warned that this storm is “all about location.” This at least sounds like it is on the money. The Midwest looks like it is going to be pounded once again by this storm as it rumbles toward the Mid-Atlantic. And there is a chance that this one actually dumps more snow on the Virginia-D.C. area, along with southern Delaware and South Jersey.

Here’s the call from Accu-Weather on DelcoTimes.com.

I know that we have not had all that much in the way of snow this winter. It still seems to be that it has lasted forever.

I yearn for spring, for shorts and T-shirts. For Phillies baseball on the radio as I sit on the deck on a thick, sultry summer night.

All that will have to wait.

Winter is not officially over for another couple of weeks. March 20, to be exact.

For now, I suggest you not turn on the TV.

We’re on the storm watch.

Great, huh?