Will Sestak run? He's the early favorite for Dems

There's a familiar name at the top of the leaderboard as the jockeying begins to see who will win the Democratic nomination to challenge beleaguered Republican Gov. Tom Corbett.

Here's a hint. It's not Alysson Schwartz, even though she's given every indication that she is running. Joe Sestak has not. But he's still in the lead.

The former 7th District Congressman and unsuccessful U.S. Senate hopeful edges her in an early poll from Harper Polling.

You can read about it here.

Sestak checks in with 20 percent, barely edging out Schwartz at 19 percent.

Sestak checks in with 20 percent, barely edging out Schwartz at 19 percent.

Schwartz holds the edge when it comes to women, 20 percent to 17 percent for the former Delco congressman. Also, even though both are from the southeast, with Schwartz representing parts of Philly and Montgomery County in her 13th District seat, Schwartz holds a clear lead here. She beats Sestak 44 pecent to 17 percent in the Southeast. Sestak has more name recognition across the state, no doubt in part because of his U.S. Senate run. Sestak also has remained active since his loss to Pat Toomey, constantly traveling across the Commonwealth to thank supporters. He also has established a base in the western part of the state by teaching a course at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Of course, Sestak has not committed to the race yet, saying only that while he would like to run for office again, he's not sure which one.

Maybe this will help him change his mind.