Spring remains little more than a rumor

I don't care what Mother Nature says, I refuse to put a coat back on again until at least October.

Although I have to admit I actually thought about it this morning.

It wasn't chilly out today. It was cold. But I still decided to brave it with just a suit jacket. Look, it's now late April. Haven't we been tortured enough by this never-ended tease of spring?

The weekend didn't do a lot for me. Sure, there was lots of sun. But I wasn't what I would call warm, not once.

Saturday I spent most of the day putternig around the yard and bracing against what seemed like a 50 mph wind blowing in my face all day. I actually tried to sit on the deck once, only to hustle back inside when the sun ducked behind a cloud. It was cool when the sun was out, it was downright cold when the sun was gone.

Then Sunday proved sunny, but still chilly.

I had to feel for all those folks shivering through that Phillies game last night at Citizens Bank Park. That was more like late October weather.

It didn't get much better overnight. Temperatures dipped into the 30s across most of the region, and I just heard one report of the high 20s in some parts of Chester County.

Looks like there isn't going to be a lot of improvement this week. Highs will try to sneak into the 60s, but I see nothing that hints of 70s or even better 80s.

Spring remains a rumor, summer pure fiction.

Global warming? Yeah, right. Any day now.