The Daily Numbers for Thursday April 18

The Daily Numbers: 82, age of grandmother victim of random shooting in Chester.

1 other young man also wounded in the shooting.

2 fires that broke out inside Penn Wood High School early this morning. The school will be closed today and tomorrow.

11 people homeless after fire roared through a Clifton Heights duplex overnight.

15 people believed killed in massive blast that leveled fertilizer plant in Texas. More than 170 are injured when the explosion leveled an entire neighborhood.

2 suspects captured on video that are now being sought in connection with the bombings in Boston.

54-46 vote in the U.S. Senate by which a move to expand background checks on gun sales went down. The move, pushed by Sen. Pat Toomey, needed 60 votes to pass.

41 Republicans and 5 Democrats who voted against.

4 hopefuls seeking seats on the Delaware County bench in this election cycle.

2 losses for the Phils in the same night. They concluded that rain-suspended game from Tuesday night. The Phils dropped that one 1-0. Then they got rocked in the regular game, 11-2.

2 Phils now fighting injuries, outfielder Dom Brown and pitcher John Lannan.

1996, the last time the Phils were swept by the Reds.

4 runs and 13 hits, all the Phils managed in the Cincy series.

0-for-14 skid for leadoff hitter Ben Revere.

.194 batting average for the centerfielder, who also had a key errort.

105-95 win for Sixers in what likely was Doug Collins last game as coach.

109-120 mark for Collins as Sixers coach.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan. Don't look now but the Phillies are in trouble. They don't hurt. Several members of their staff don't pitch, and now they're getting hurt. Ben Revere in the leadoff spot hasn't worked, and Ryan Howard continues to wait for warm weather before he heats up. This team needs a shakeup before it's too late.

I Don’t Get It: Nice work by news outlets tripping all over themselves to be first in reporting a suspect in the Boston bombings. Claims were flying fast and furious yesterday afternoon. Still no arrests this morning. Nice.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to the All-Delco Hi-Q kidsd and the winners of Excellence in Teaching awards who will be honored tonight at the Drexelbrook.

Quote Box: “How can these older people ever feel safe .... this happened in her own home." - Ron Lewis, minister and anti-violence leader in the Sun Village section of Chester, on random gunfire that struck a woman as she sat on her sofa.