Dems the breaks, folks

Before Delaware County Democrats get too giddy over the new voter registration figures, here is a reminder of their plight.

It's called the Delaware County Courthouse.

While county Dems have made strides in several towns, seizing control from Republicans, as well as voting consistently Democratic in statewide and national elections, including the presidential race, they continue to be turned away at the door to the courthouse in Media.

It remains a bastion of Republican strength.

We laid out the registration numbers in a story in the Sunday Times. The once overwhelming registration edge enjoyed by Republicans here in the county - which once approached three to one - has all but disappeared.

In fact, it's the closest the gap has been in county history. If you missed it, you can read the details here.

In short, there are now 170,160 registered Republicans in Delco, as opposed to 169,423 Democrats. Almost a dead heat.

But the races for countywide office in the courthouse have yet to reflect those numbers. They continue to be all Republican.

A Democrat has not been elected to Delaware County Council since the Home Rule Charter was changed back in the '70s. The same goes for row offices. Democrats on the county bench also are a rarity.

There are two seats on County Council up for grabs in the fall election. Republican incumbents Mario Civera and Dave White likely will face Democrats Bill Clinton and Patricia "Pat" Worrell. Neither side is looking at contested primaries in a few weeks.

I'll believe things have really changed here in Delaware County when one of those Dems is elected to County Council.

I'm not holding my breath.