Pardon me, Roy?

I was feeling bad Sunday afternoon as I sat down to listen to the Phillies game on the radio while soaking up some of that glorious sunshine out in the back yard.

Oh, it wasn't the weather, although it's still a tad chilly for my taste.

Despite the fact that I was wrapping up a week off, I couldn't resist the new tech world that I troll in most days. Yes, I was checking my email, and plowing through Twitter.

That's when I saw a Tweet that indicated the Marlins may have had some extra incentive for the weekend, courtesy of the Daily Times. The Tweet indicated the story and headline from Saturday's paper detailing the Phils win over the 'sadsack' Marlins had been pasted up in the visiting team's locker room.

Of course, the Marlins went on to pound the Phils both Saturday and Sunday.

That's now the least of their worries.

It certainly now appears that everyone's worst fears - all the whispers we heard all winter - about Roy Halladay are coming true.

To say Halladay got shelled yesterday would be an understatement. And this came against the Marlins, supposedly one of the worst teams in baseball.

You can read all the details here.

Here's is Halladay's pitching line from yesterday: Two and a third innings pitched, 4 hits, 9 runs, all of them earned, 4 walks. His ERA now sits at 8.65.

After the game, Doc finally came clean. His diagnosis? He's having shoulder problems, and has been since a start against the Pirates on April 24. He now will head to Los Angeles to have more tests done on his ailing right shoulder.

That's only part of the bad news for the Phils.

What might be even more troubling is the questions that now swirl around Halladay, and who knew what and when about his injury.

This is Chase Utley, the sequel. With Utley it was his knees; with Halladay, it's his shoulder. It's pretty clear that either Halladay was not forthcoming about the trouble he was having with his shoulder, or the team decided to send him out to the mound for several starts anyhow.

Either way, it does not bode well for a franchise that continues to tread water in the early going of what was supposed to be the final hurrah for their core players.

Oh, and just for good measure, the Phils failed to hit again yesterday as well. They collected all of four hits while getting smacked around, 14-2. That's three more than they got Saturday night, when they were shut out on 1 hit by Jose Fernandez.

Stay tuned. This one is starting to have disaster written all over it.

The Phillies like to proclaim themselves a warm weather team. They better hope that's the case. You can't win a pennant in April and May. But you can lose one. Getting embarrassed on consecutive days by the Marlins would fall into the latter category.