Friday, August 16, 2013

York County gets the Mike Chitwood treatment

York County, meet Mike Chitwood.

The loquacious top cop from Upper Darby took a road trip yesterday, going to York County to hold a press conference to update everyone on the hunt for missing 7-month-old Hamza Ali. Police believe the tot was snatched by the boyfriend of his mother. He has not been seen since. Authorities theorize Ummad Rushdi kidnapped the baby, likely killed him and then buried the body, probably somewhere in Lancaster or York counties.

Chitwood thanked local police for all their help and then got down to business. He said the search out in York and Lancaster counties likely would be shut down today since their exhaustive hunt has turned up nothing.

And Chitwood did not mince words when it came to their predicament. He made it clear little Hamza's body might never be found if Rushdi does not come forward with information. Chitwood described how Hamza's mother begged Rushdi "at least 50 times" to tell authorities where the baby was, only to have him remain stone-faced.

And of course Chitwood dropped his favorite nickname on Rushdi, saying that the "one person that knows where that baby is is the scumbag that killed that baby, pure and simple."

But I was struck by something else Chitwood had to say.

It's not exactly a secret that the gruff cop has not always seen eye to eye with the Delaware County District Attorney's Office. At his press conference yesterday, Chitwood made it clear he believed he had more than enough evidence to charge Rushdi with murder.

"Personally, I'd lock him up for murder tomorrow," Chitwood said, while adding, "That's up to the D.A."

Last night District Attorney Jack Whelan said his office is still in the process of gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.

Just another day in the legend of Mike Chitwood.



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