A glorious day in South Philly; then they played the game

The clouds parted, the skies cleared, the sun came out and all was right yesterday in South Philly. Unfortunately, then they played a baseball game.

The Phillies' early decision to postpone Monday's opener on Sunday afternoon was second-guessed by many - including me - but certainly looked golden when a brilliant sun started gleaming just as game time approached on Tuesday.

A full schedule of pre-game hoopla concluded with Delco's own Cardinal O'Hara Marching Band leading this year's Phillies into Citizens Bank Park.

Jeff Wolfe captured all the fun of opening day and what the tradition means to Delco fans.

Unfortunately, Dennis Deitch and Jack McCaffery were left to detail what happened during the game.

Here's a hint: It wasn't pretty.

The Phils again had trouble catching the ball, in particular center fielder Ben Revere.

Then there was the small matter of Ryan Braun. He was greeted with a lusty round of boos, a result of his suspension for drug use after all those passionate denials of such dabbling in banned substances.

Braun got the last laugh. All he did was hit three home runs and drive in 7 as the Brewers hammered the Phils, 10-4. Braun beat the Phils all by himself.

If you're looking for good news, there is this: Cole Hamels caught a quick flight to Philly to take part in opening day festivities, and pronounced his comeback almost complete. Hamels says he likely will need only two more rehab starts in Florida and hopes to be back on the hill for the Phils by late April.

Other than that, there is that chant that broke out late in this rout.

"Let's go Flyers!"

Hey, don't knock it. They clinched a playoff spot last night with a win over the Florida Panthers.