Confessions of a bad high school athlete

A lifetime ago, I was a high school athlete.

I have often said that I learned as much about life from my teammates and experiences on a bad football team than I did in any of my classes.

My thoughts on that topic haven't changed, although my aching body, including the fact that I can no longer throw a ball overhand due to one specific football injury, now questions the wisdom of playing football at 115 pounds soaking wet.

I collected more X-rays than victories in high school.

But I would love to be able to go back and revisit some of those games.

Luckily, kids here in Delco don't have that dilemma.

The reason why is revealed in today's print column. That's me, No. 12, seated front center.


Jack Huber said…
Isn't that team picture Sharon Hill High, class of '74 ('73 football season)?