Corbett courts women's vote in Delco

Apparently Tom Corbett wasn't kidding when he said he planned to have a much more visible presence in southeastern Pennsylvania, in particular Delco, in his uphill re-election battle.

The governor will be back in Delaware County today, this time targeting the women's vote.

The Republican whose poll numbers continue to lag will be joined by his wife, First Lady Susan Corbett, at the Towne House in Media to kick off Women for Corbett-Cawley at 10:30 a.m.

The governor faces a primary foe in Main Line conservative Bob Guzzardi, who is painting the governor in somewhat of a novel light - as not being conservative enough.

Corbett no doubt will survive that challenge, even if it is a tad embarrassing for the incumbent to face a challenge from within his own party. But the general election should prove to be a different matter.

A series of Democrats, headed by York millionaire Tom Wolfe, are lining up to knock him off.

Corbett is banking on his message of "less taxes, more jobs."

Certainly one key area in the argument about less taxes is the area of Marcellus Shale extraction levies. The governor has been a steadfast opponent of a tax on Marcellus Shale, even as support for such measures grows, including among some Republicans.

Locally, County Council Chairman Tom McGarrigle, who is looking to succeed Sen. Ted Erickson in the 26th District state Senate seat, is pushing a 4 percent tax.

Other Republicans in Harrisburg are warming to the idea as well.

Corbett continues to oppose such measures. He got the Republican Legislature to go along with his idea of an impact fee on drillers.

McGarrigle and others say that left way too much money on the table.

No word on whether McGarrigle will attend today's event in Media.