Is Chester safe?

I used my print column today to pose a fairly simple question.

Is Chester safe?

Every time I ask Mayor Linder that question, he is quick to respond that it is. But I'm hearing from city residents who are tired of being held captive in their homes by what is becoming all too routine - random gunfire. They fear for their safety, and that of their children.

More than 250 people packed a City Council meeting last week to demonstrate their concerns. Just a few hours later, at 11 a.m. Thursday, another man was gunned down. Still another man was shot a few hours later.

Today a group will meet at City Hall and talk about what can be done to stop the violence.

I also am planning to have some city officials on our 'Live From the Newsroom' show Wednesday night to talk about the situation.

It's a city on the brink. I hope to put this newspaper at the forefront of those seeking an answer.


Courtney said…
No Chester is not safe and I keep hearing the police this the police that. Yes we need the police to step up but its also the residents dealing with these disrespectful kids... You have parents smoking weed and drinking with their kids. Some parents selling or buying drugs from their kids... To busy trying to be their friend. What I'm trying to say is it starts at home. If these parents started knowing where their sons or daughters are, then these young girls won't be turning to older men for attention. These young men need father figures and more recreational things in the City. The People of Chester have to stand up and take these streets back.. And the cops need to step up drive around get to know the areas and the community and the residents..... Speak Up Speak Loud.. If you see someone child doing something they not suppose to be doing call the cops... And the parents need to stop saying not my child.. And be a parent and not their friend. This pass weekend a delivery driver got shot and 4-27-14 it was 3-4 shootings in 2 hrs... Lets take back our streets SPEAK UP & SPEAK LOUD
Anonymous said…
Absolutly not! Born & raised all my life in Chester and now I wont even walk 2 blocks to the nearest store with my children. Its happening morning, noon & night. Summer, spring, fall & winter. It has nothing to do with warmer weather approaching. My 7 year old begged me one day not to stop at a nearby store because of a murder that happened a few months back in front of the store. I had a shirt made for the city council meeting last week. 19 family members, close friends & classmates is number of people on my R.I.P. shirt. Smh... Our children should not have to live in fear! NO IT IS NOT SAFE!!!