Justice for Hall and Oates

If I were to ask you what pop duo has sold more records than any other act in music history, who would you guess?

My guess is that you'd be wrong.

Not Simon and Garfunkel, nor any other superstar duos.

You really don't have to look that far. The answer is right here in our backyard. That would be our homeboys, Hall and Oates.

Last night one of the great injustices in pop music was righted when Hall and Oates, the blue-eyed soulsters who grew up in the Philly suburbs and took TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) to heart, were inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame.

The funny thing, the pop ditties that have become their emblem are not my favorite Hall and Oates songs.

Sure, "Maneater," "Sara Smile," and "You Make Me Feel" are great pop tunes.

But to me, they're not the essence of Hall and Oates.

This is.


What a voice.

Hell, while I'm at it, I might as well add my favorite all-time Hall and Oates song: