The good things kids - and teachers - do

I get asked all the time, by parents and school officials, "How can we get our kids' names in the newspaper?"

Funny, I didn't hear that kind of request from the good folks at the Haverford School last week.

It's unfortunate, but true. Want your kids to make the paper? Let them do something wrong. We'll be all over it.

The reverse, and I freely admit this, is not always true. Kids doing good things do some for the most part in anonymity. Not this week.

That's because on Thursday night I will take part in the Partners in Excellence dinner at the Drexelbrook.

As part of the festivities, this year's All-Delco Hi-Q team will be honored. One team member from each of the 21 schools that take part in the nation's oldest academy quiz competition will be honored.

On Sunday those kids' were splashed all over the front page of this newspaper.

Today, we gave the same treatment to this year's winners of the Excellence in Teaching Awards. You can read their story here.

By the way, one of those teachers just happens to share the same last name as the editor of this newspaper. To the best of my knowledge, I am not related to Michael Heron. I am, however, proud of what he does. I hope to meet him Thursday night.

We don't often have good things to say about teachers. At least not enough.

The truth is students and teachers who are doing outstanding work don't make headlines.

Except for this week.

I think I like that.