The irony of Upper Darby Arts backing Davidson's foe

There is more than a little irony to this week's announcement that Save Upper Darby Arts is backing Billy Smith, one of the Democrats challenging state Rep. Margo Davidson, D-164.

Save Upper Darby Arts is now a political action committee, but it can trace its roots back a few years ago when the Upper Darby School District was at the center of a cauldron surrounding budget cuts, including a change in the curriculum, teacher layoffs, and most important, cuts in the district's trademark outstanding music and arts programs. Residents were outraged. At one point they even took a bus trip to Harrisburg to meet with elected officials and make their complaints heard.

Eventually the programs were saved when a couple of state reps worked a little magic and found more than $2 million in extra funding for the district.

So what's so ironic?

One of those legislators riding to the rescue in Upper Darby was Davidson.

She worked with Republican Rep. Nick Micozzie and found the money to avert the cuts.

The problem now is that Davidson has shown support for a push for school vouchers and accepted campaign contributions from Students First, a group that backs school choice.

I guess you can call this, "what have you done for me lately?"


Bill Thomas said…
What is truly sad about this is that the anti-margo movement is primarily from people who don't live in the 164th. I don't either, and I don't necessarily support everything Margo does, but in 2010 while Margo was busting her butt to get elected these wanna be important blow hards were no where to be found. All the important people were committed to races in the 161st and 163rd neither were winners. Why would the outsiders running this pick a Philly ADA who doesn't even vote to run, why not Charlotte Hummel or Mayor Jayne with proven track records. Last I looked Swarthmore is not part of the 164th, thank goodness.
Neither is Upper Providence where I live, but I was there in 2010 helping Margo while the others were not.I was there for Mayor Linder of Chester when these leasers were not, and Keith Collins for County Council twice. Mr Smith did a 2 yr stint on the lansdowne council but choose not to vote 2011 at the end of his term. He missed 4 of the last 6 voting cycles. I hope Margo wins, not for her individual votes, but her care in the community and constiuent service.
Vouchers and Choice would destroy Upper Darby School District. Ms. Davidson stopped acting in the best interest of the citizens of Upper Darby. Great thing about a Democracy, change.
Vouchers and Choice are nothing more than the attempt divert public funds into for profit companies. Ms Davidson stopped acting in the best interest of her constituents. That is the great thing about democracy, you can vote them out when that happens.