The Voices of Chester

I've been writing for the past week of the increasing calls I've been getting from people in the Chester community who are sick and tired of being "sick and tired."

They're fed up with what is becoming part of their daily life - gunfire.

Last night they took their concerns about violence - as well as some issues in the Chester Police Department - to City Hall for a rally before the City Council meeting.

Do you think people are concerned? Several hundred showed up. They had to move the meeting from council chambers to the much larger community meeting room.

I'm being told by people in the community that they would like more outside help brought in to try to quell the gunfire that is keeping them prisoners inside their homes. They believe such a move is being stalled by the mayor and police chief.

Last night some of those sentiments bubbled to the surface, with several residents demanding the ouster of Police Commissioner Joe Bail, who was not at the meeting.

Here's our full report.