When it comes to DUIs, he's Public Enemy No. 1

When it comes to drunken driving, Robert Landis is Public Enemy No. 1.

Landis is the Chester County man who pleaded guilty to being DUI at the time of a fatal crash in which he slammed his truck into a motorcycle driver.

Landis likely knew the routine. It was his eighth conviction on DUI charges.

After the court proceeding, both Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan, and the family of Liam Crowley, a 24-year-old volunteer firefighter.

The judge in the case was moved to call Landis' record of driving under the influence 'absurd.'

You can read all the details here.

Hogan and the Crowley family used the plea - and the fact that Landis by law can be sentenced to no more than three to six years in prison.

At the time of the crash, Landis' blood-alcohol level was 0.283, more than three times the legal limit to be considered under the influence.

He had just left a local bar when he pulled out into the path of Crowley's motorcycle.

Hogan wants penalties increased for those with multiple DUI charges who are subsequently involved in a fatal DUI crash. He'd like to see such offenders face a minimum of 10 years behind bars.

I don't think the Crowley family would argue with that.

Nor would the judge who was perplexed as to why Landis would once again get behind the wheel while impaired.

In court yesterday, Landis said his disease was "out to kill him." He said he has found religion in jail and is ready to turn around his life.

Unfortunately, Liam Crowley never got that chance.