A new slogan for Pennsylvania

I'm thinking of trademarking my idea for a new slogan for Pennsylvania:

"Welcome to Pennsylvania, World's Worst Weather, 365 Days a Year."

What do you think?

OK, call me a grump. Or a curmudgeon. I'll throw myself on the mercy of the court.

We survived winter. Barely.

I was looking forward to spring. I'm sure it will arrive here any day now.

What arrived Wednesday was something only Noah could appreciate.

I don't presume to know a lot about global warming, or any of the other science behind our weather. I only know this. Something weird is going on. We actually got more rain - 5 inches in many places - than we did from Superstorm Sandy.

You can get all the details here.

I've about had it.

Anyone else ready for some summer-like conditions, raise your hands. Thought so.

At least there is no more rain in the immediate forecast, aside from a chance for a shower on Saturday.

No doubt the good weather folks will soon be warning about a drought.