About that tank

Delaware County is getting serious about crime.

The question is do you think that's a good thing.

I'll admit to having mixed feelings when I first saw the press release about the county's new SWAT One mobile response vehicle.

Firs things first. It's not a tank. Technically. But it sure looks like one.

And that's part of the issue. How all this "looks."

I'm all for the county using every weapon it has to bring crime under control. But there's a part of me that winces just a bit at the look of this thing rolling down county streets.

Is this Delco, or some war-torn battlefield like the Ukraine?

You can read our full story here.

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Thumb's up or thumb's down on the county's latest weapon against crime?


Mike Farrell said…
Phil, it really is a dumb idea. In addition to your point, there seems little need for an assault vehicle. I am a former army officer, and I can tell you that armored vehicles are used to break through an entrenched enemy's lines. (not drop a smoke bomb in a parked car as in the video demonstration.) This is a $300k boondoggle.