Big Piece putting pieces together

Attention Ryan Howard haters.

This might be a good day to keep a low profile around the office water cooler.

The 'Big Piece' just might be putting the pieces together. And that can only mean good things for the Phillies.

Last night Howard hit a 3-run walkoff bomb to lift the Phils to a desperately needed 6-3 9th inning victory over the Rockies.

Howard, who clearly is laboring as he returns from a string of leg injuries, went 5-for-9 against Colorado in the three-game set, knocking in nine in the process.

Dennis Deitch has all the details here.

Howard is a favorite target for the fans' wrath, in no small part because of that massive contract he signed a few years back.

Don't wait for me to join them. It's pretty simple. There is no World Series title, no parade, no end to our championship drought, with Howard in the middle of the Phils' lineup.

I hope he goes off on one of those torrid summer streaks he used to treat us to seemingly each year. As for the haters, the quiet today no doubt will be deafening.