Delco ups the ante on crime

Delaware County is upping the ante on crime.

Meet SWAT One.

It's the future of crime-fighting, and it is arriving here in Delco today. Lord knows we need all the help we can get, especially on some of our most crime-ridden turf.

County officials will roll out their new toy, a state-of-the-art vehicle that they say will help both keep citizens - and law enforcement - safe in dangerous, high-risk situations.

District Attorney Jack Whelan will be joined by several police chiefs during a press conference and demonstration of the new armored response and rescue vehicle this afternoon in Rose Tree Park.

In addition, armed tactical SWAT team officers will provide a demonstration to showcase what this new vehicle can do.

'SWAT One' is actually a 2014 Lenco 'Bearcat' ballistic engineered armored response vehicle that was purchased with Homeland Security funds by Delaware County Council under FEMA's Urban Area Security Initiative Program.

We'll have all the details from the presser later this afternoon.

This thing looks like a criminal's worst nightmare.


Anonymous said…
They should start in chester and wipe out the lower end where all the drugs are and violence
Jay Booth said…
Welcome to the Police State!
Nicole Hall said…
My husband can drive this.
Nicole Hall said…
My husband would love to drive this vehicle. Is this similar to the Marine MRAP.
Josi Bunder said…
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