Good Mayor John Linder - and his wife

Good for John Linder.

And his lovely wife, Jourdeana.

The two of them never blinked an eye yesterday when the media horde descended on their modest Chester home yesterday. Linder happens to be the mayor of Chester. He's used to being in the spotlight, and being asked less-than-polite questions from media types like me.

A few weeks ago, I asked him a simple question. "Is Chester safe?"

That was before all hell broke loose in the city, a two-week series of shootings that led the mayor to seek outside help, launching Operation City Surge to quell the violence.

This week it hit home.

His wife was parking her car outside their Reaney Street home when a young man stuck a gun in her face. Luckily, she was not injured.

A few hours later, no doubt still reeling from her ordeal, Jourdeana Linder looked composed as she faced the cameras. She never flinched once. I'm not sure I would do the same. And I'm not sure I would react as calmly as John Linder did if the same thing had happened to my wife.

Both of them maintained that this is just another example of the random violence that is gripping the city.

Mrs. Linder maintained her hope that "this is something nobody should have to go through."

If only that were the case.

Make sure you read Rose Quinn's full recap on the carjacking ordeal here.

Chester has more than its share of problems. John Linder - and his wife - and part of the solution.