Mother's Day in Chester

As reports of violence escalated the past couple of weeks, one of the things that was considered was a crackdown on public gatherings.

It would not be the first time these tough kind of measures have been put in place in the troubled city.

I talked to Mayor John Linder several times, including on our 'Live From the Newsroom' show, and he admitted that one of the things that was being considered was cancelling the annual Mother's Day Parade.

I'm glad to report that was not the case.

It went off without a hitch under glorious sunshine in the city yesterday. Here's the proof.

It's more proof that there area a lot of good things in the city of Chester.

On Saturday, we detailed the efforts of a group to start putting into action some of the things that have been talked about during brain-storming sessions in the city in terms of 'solutions' to the violence that has the city in its grips.

I would have understood if the mayor had gone ahead and cancelled the parade.

But I'm glad he didn't. The county and region needs to see that there are more than one story coming out of Chester.