Rocky Mountain High? No thanks

A lifetime ago, I spent several years in Colorado.

The joke out there is that you can basically expect snow anytime from Labor Day to Memorial Day.

I distinctly remember skiing at a place called A-Basin in a T-shirt and shorts. The parking lot at A-Basin was above the tree line. It's the first ski spot to open, and usually the last to close. They hold a spring blast to shut the place down, with girls usually donning bikinis to hit the slopes.

This weekend they had 5 inches of snow in Denver and almost a foot of snow in some of the western burbs up in the foothills.

I absolutely loved my time in Colorado.

I am glad I am not there now.

Last Saturday around these parts was my kind of day, hot and humid.

Give me a T-shirt, shorts, cold beverage and the Phillies on the radio, and I'm a happy camper.

Rocky Mountain High? I'll pass.