Schwartz vs. Sestak?

Here's a little morsel of post-Primary Day speculation.

Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz lamented the lack of women in the halls of power in Pennsylvania during her concession speech after she was trounced by Democratic gubernatorial winner Tom Wolf. She said it was her hope that one day a woman would reside in the governor's mansion in Harrisburg, and not just as the spouse of the top pol in the state.

That gap is only going to get bigger now, because Schwartz gave up her seat in Congress to run for governor, and Marjorie Margolies got waxed by state Rep. Brendan Burke in the Dem race to replace her in the 13th District.

Pennsylvania has never had a female governor. Currently both our U.S. Senators are male.

Which brings up an interesting question. Would Schwartz consider challenging incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Toomey in two years.

To do so she likely would have to win a primary against none other than Delco's own Joe Sestak. He has not formally announced he is running, but almost everyone believes he will.

As party leaders can attest, once Sestak makes up his mind, he's unlikely to change it. They tried unsuccessfully to get him to step aside when longtime Republican Sen. Arlen Specter flipped parties. Instead Sestak rebuffed all attempts to get him to step aside, then showed Specter the door in the primary.

Party leaders likely would not want a primary battle between Schwartz and Sestak. For one thing, it would be outrageously expensive, to say nothing of being divisive.

Of course, all this depends on what Schwartz wants to do, and if she wants to take on another bruising campaign.