Summer beckons

Maybe Mother Nature felt like she owed us one.

After one of the most miserable, cold, snowy, icy winters on record, the weather lords apparently tried to make it up for us all in one glorious weekend.

The weather was just about perfect all weekend, with temperatures soaring into the high 80s.

I actually donned a pair or shorts for the first time this spring. I know, it's not a pretty sight. I tried desperately to avoid my wife, who was chasing me around the yard with the sunscreen, reminding me to put on a hat and slathering cream all over my prodigious beak.

I gave the grill a good workout.

In short,I indulged myself in perhaps my favorite warm-weather activity, doing as little as possible, plopping into a chair in the sun piling up the newspapers and books, and flipping the Phils' game on the radio.

Of course, at least on Sunday, the Phils were not as giving as Mother Nature.

I listened as the Phils flailed away for eight innings.

Not satisfied with ruining my early-summer preview, I of course had to get up and go inside to see if Josh Beckett could seal the deal.

He did. He no-hit the Phillies, in Citizens Bank Park no less. I sighed and returned to my summer solitude.

The original plan for this weekend, as it is on almost all three-day holiday weekends, was to try to get in a round of golf.

I skipped it this weekend. I didn't even make a visit to the driving range. It was just too nice to allow my pursuit of pars and birdies to interfere.

So the Phillies did it for me.

Mother Nature is going to have a tough act to follow after taking the curtain up on summer 2014 in glorious fashion. Welcome to the best 90 days of the year.

On with summer!


Anonymous said…
The no-hitter was Sunday!!