The Daily Numbers for Thursday, May 1

The Daily Numbers: 5.5 inches of rain that soaked parts of Delco.

6.6 inches of rain in some parts of Chester County.

3 people, father and 2 small children, rescued from flooded car on Mount Alverno Road in Middletown.

13.8 feet crest for Schuylkill River in Philly.

3 feet over flood stage.

12.4 feet crest for Brandywine River late Wednesday - well above the 7-foot flood stage.

86 people who spent night in shelters in Montgomery and Chester counties, according to Red Cross.

3 people rescued off roof of stranded SEPTA bus in Manayunk.

6 cops patrolling the streets of Chester most nights.

10 homicides in Chester so far this year.

5 on May 1 last year.

2,247 more registered Democrats than Republicans in Delaware County.

171,188 Democrats.

168,941 Republicans.

46,567 with no party affiliation.

78,000 dollars in bills being paid by struggling Colwyn Borough.

56,000 people suffering from asthma in Delaware County, including 13,000 children.

16th worst region in nation, where Philly ranks for air problems.

60 New Jersey high school seniors charged in vandalism pranks that left their school trashed.

10.10 minimum wage bill that failed in test vote in Senate yesterday.

45 point uptick for stock market

2-1 loss to Rangers in Game 7 that ended their season last night.

31 saves for Steve Mason, who made it clear he is the Flyers future.

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Today’s Upper: Kudos to Chester Mayor John Linder, for bringing outside help into the city to attack a rising tide of violence.

Quote Box: “Whatever I have to do to get the city cleaned up. I’m going to do.”

- Chester Mayor John Linder.