The true meaning of sports

Looking for the true meaning of sportsmanship?

Forget the on-again, off-again Phillies. They whiffed 15 times last night in losing meekly to the Mets.

The Eagles are in OTAs. Yeah, right, call me when camp opens in August.

The Sterlings are selling the Los Angeles Clippers. And the price? A cool $2 billion.

No, if you want to understand what sports can accomplish, I suggest you read Matt DeGeorge's column this morning from last night's Hero Bowl.

Matt profiles Pat Felker, who knows better than most the true meaning behind this annual game.

And yes, that is despite some extracurricular activities that once again marred the contest.

Felker is a widow who lost her husband, a volunteer firefighter, in the line of duty. That's what the Hero Bowl is all about. And that's what sports should be about, as well.