Ups and Downs for Trout, Asche

It's a night Mike Trout will always remember, and one Cody Asche would no doubt like to forget.

Trout, the Boy Wonder from Millville, returned to his home turf for the first time last night to play against the team he rooted for as a kid.

It only seemed like everyone from the tiny town of Millville was in the stands as the Philly Phaitful rose and offered him a standing ovation as he came to the plate in the 1st inning.

The night did not go nearly as well for Asche.

His three errors at third base cost the Phils and starter Cliff Lee the game. Lee actually did not give an earned run, and still took the loss.

The Phillies' brass were hoping that Asche would be the answer at the hot corner. They sent top prospect Mikael Franco back to the minors for more seasoning in hopes Asche would fill the bill.

They no doubt are rethinking that decision today.

They don't have much time to make a decision. The Phils and Angels to back at it today at 1 in an afternoon special. In the meantime, with all the focus on Trout, it would be easy to forget that there is an even more local - at least for Delco - angle to the Angels.

Skipper Mike Scioscia is the pride of Morton and Springfield High.

Columnist Jack McCaffery did not forget, and points out Scioscia is quick to credit his Delco roots for his success.