Welcome to Primary Day 2014

Welcome to Primary Election Day 2014!

Polls open in about an hour. Relax, have that second cup of coffee. For some reason, I don't think you'll be standing in a line to exercise your franchise.

In fact, I doubt most of you will even make it to the polls today.

Republicans here in Delaware County have almost nothing at stake in today's primary vote. Tom Corbett will be their gubernatorial candidate, seeking a second term and battling to shore up his flagging poll numbers.

Another Tom, County Council boss Tom McGarrigle, will be their man in the state Senate 26th District race. He has no primary foe. Neither does his opponent in the fall, Democrat John Kane, a union leader from Ridley. One of them will replace the venerable Sen. Ted Erickson, who is retiring.

It's on the Democratic side that things get a bit interesting. There is a four-way race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. York County businessman Tom Wolf is leading the pack, thanks in no small part to the avalanche of TV campaign ads he launched back in the winter that managed to separate him from Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, state Treasurer Rob McCord and former state DEP boss Katie McGinty.

But even Dems will be hard-pressed to get their voters to the polls.

County leader believe anywhere from 20-30 percent of eligible voters will actually get out and cast ballots today, probably a tad higher on the Dem side because of the governor's race.

I'm not that optimistic. I'll set the line at a 20 percent turnout. And I'm taking the under.

What do you say? Give me a number for turnout in Delco.

Remember, you can follow our live Primary Day coverage all day with our live election blog. And you can take part by using the hashtag #delcovote on Twitter.

Don't just sit there. Vote! Then take part in our live coverage!